I know it is possible to pass class type to a function in swift:

func setGeneric<T>(type: T.Type){ }

But how we can return type from function? Writing something like

func getGeneric<T>() -> T.Type {
   return Int.self

gives compiler error "Int is not identical to T". So is it possible to return type from a swift function?

Some explanation. I have classes that are used for persistence (I'm using Realm) and I have classes that acts as wrappers around this classes. All wrappers inherits from RealmClassWrapper which needs to know what Realm class it actually wraps. So lets say I have this realm model:

class RealmTodo: RLMObject {
   dynamic var title = ""

and my wrappers supper class looks like this:

class RealmClassWrapper {
   private let backingModel: RLMObject
   func backingModelType<T>() -> T.Type{ fatalError("must be implemented") }

and actual wrapper:

class Todo: RealmClassWrapper {
   //some other properties
   func backingModelType<T>() -> T.Type{ return RealmTodo.self }

You can return any type you want.

func getTypeOfInt()  -> Int.Type  { return Int.self  }
func getTypeOfBool() -> Bool.Type { return Bool.self }

If the type is not determined from arguments or if the return is constant, there is no need to introduce a generic T type.

  • I just stumbled upon this when searching for how to do this with protocols. Suppose you have a public protocol ImageRendering and a private MyImageRenderer implementation, you can do func getRendererType() -> ImageRendering.Type { return MyImageRenderer.self } and it'll work. – milch Oct 28 '16 at 22:42

It works when I modify your function like this:

func getGeneric<T>(object: T) -> T.Type {
    return T.self

getGeneric(0)    // Swift.Int
  • 1
    Thank you for your answer! However, your example examines object and returns it's type but I want to create a function that has no input parameters and returns specified type (like in my example). – Nikita Arkhipov Mar 22 '15 at 16:24
  • 2
    I don't understand what you are trying to achieve. You don't want any params? What do you want the function to return then? Always the same type? – Rengers Mar 22 '15 at 16:31
  • I have updated my answer to provide a context for my question. – Nikita Arkhipov Mar 22 '15 at 16:48

You can force the downcast (as!) as below

func getGeneric<T>() -> T.Type {
  return Int.self as! T.Type

But out of the function scope, you need to indicate the returned type:

var t:Int.Type = getGeneric()

Yes, this is possible. The problem here is that you say your function returns a generic T.type, but you always return Int.type. Since T is not always an Int, the compiler raises an error.

  • Thank you for your answer! But still it is not clear to me how could I return Int type from a function – Nikita Arkhipov Mar 22 '15 at 16:15

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