I was just wondering and didn't find explicit response on what in the model class (ActiveRecord) is cached when setting config.cache_classes to true ?

Could someone tell me or point me to the doc I didn't found ?


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It determines whether or not your application classes are reloaded on each request. If it's true, you have to restart your server for code changes to take effect (i.e. you set it to true in production, false in development.)

Documentation is here.

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    Note that the test value should probably be false too if your application uses spring (see here)
    – stevec
    Jan 24, 2022 at 12:11

What is cached when using config.cache_classes = true

It responsible for two thing in rails 4

1. It prevent class reloading between requests.

2. It ensure Rack::Lock in not included in middleware stack, so that your thread don't get locked.

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