Some functions in my package run much faster using C++11 containers, but CRAN doesn't accept my package using both $(SHLIB_OPENMP_CXXFLAGS) and $(CXX1XSTD) because it doesn't compile on Solaris (or other minor platforms). The recommendation from CRAN was to write a configure script, but I think this will be too time consuming for me to learn, and unnecessarily complicate my code for platforms which few people use.

At the moment, I have just commented out all C++11 code, and removed the $(CXX1XSTD) from Makevars for CRAN submission. This is a poor work around, and I'd much rather be able to detect CRAN in Makevars and make accommodations, so I don't have to maintain a CRAN fork for every version.

I still test whether C++11 is available, but it's just the combination of C++11 and OpenMP flags in Makevars which is the stumbling block on Solaris with CRAN submissions. I feel there must be a trivial way around this.

Is there an environment variable I should use to test whether CRAN itself is checking my package, and which I can test for in Makevars? I have searched the R code base and read R Internals and Writing R Extensions, although I can't say I know them off by heart, which some CRAN maintainers expect. There are environment variables which CRAN likely sets but I expect testing for something like _R_CHECK_CRAN_INCOMING_=TRUE would raise the ire of the maintainers.

I don't think an "if solaris" test in Makevars would be enough: it is the presence of both C++11 and OpenMP flags together which is not allowed, because they would potentially fail on platforms used even less often than Solaris.

Maybe I'm just approaching this the wrong way.


Although it may be possible to do a test for this, really the correct way is a configure script. I used configure.ac autoconf to generate it, which wasn't that hard in the end. The C++ code can then use ifdef as needed to test for presence of C++11 symbols, and still use OpenMP #pragma declarations. Windows requires special treatment. I used the method from the RODBC package. This hasn't yet been submitted to CRAN or tested on Solaris, but it does directly answer the CRAN maintainer recommendation.

See: https://github.com/jackwasey/icd

Relevant files are: configure.ac, src/config.h.in, src/Makevars.in

  • reluctantly accepting my own answer (the only). The configure script in my package is now more mature, and might be used as an example of others wishing to combine OpenMP, C++11 in an R package. – Jack Wasey Oct 3 '15 at 13:38

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