I am working on implementation of a progress bar to display replication progress between a remote CouchDB database and a local browser-hosted PouchDB database.

Currently, I am using the number of documents in each of these databases to determine the percentage of progress. However, if a large number of records are replaced in either database, then this percentage progress is not accurate.

I would like to use some other value to display replication progress. Can I count on the sequence numbers for two databases that have completed replication to be identical once replication is complete?


You can use active tasks endpoint for your case. Besides other things it includes a progress percentage for the task. A replication task for example will look like this

        "checkpointed_source_seq": 68585,
        "continuous": false,
        "doc_id": null,
        "doc_write_failures": 0,
        "docs_read": 4524,
        "docs_written": 4524,
        "missing_revisions_found": 4524,
        "pid": "<0.1538.5>",
        "progress": 44**,
        "replication_id": "9bc1727d74d49d9e157e260bb8bbd1d5",
        "revisions_checked": 4524,
        "source": "mailbox",
        "source_seq": 154419,
        "started_on": 1376116644,
        "target": "http://mailsrv:5984/mailbox",
        "type": "replication",
        "updated_on": 1376116651

The update seq number is specific to the database. Suppose you have 9 documents in a database and the update_seq for it is 17. update_seq indicates that the database has been updated 17 times even though the number of documents are 9. Now if you replicate it to a new database which is empty then the update_seq of the new database would be 9 because it has only been updated 9 times. Since the new database was empty only 9 new documents were created.

If it contained a few documents then the update number would have been different depending upon what their _rev's were. So update_seq can't be relied upon to calculate progress of replication operation.


A trick I often use is to use the last_seq/update_seq as a progress indicator. E.g. see my answer here.

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