I've purchased two lctech-inc.com 011801 USB Relay Modules. I'm trying to control them with python and pyserial. The module does show up as USB-SERIAL CH340 (COM5). The support information says:

Communication baud rate: 9600bps; Protocol: start: 0 x A0, 
switch address: 0 x 01, operation data: 0 x 00 (off), 0 x 01 (on), 
check code: on: A0 01 01 A2, off: A0 01 00 A1

I'm using the following python code to turn the relay on but it doesn't work:

    import sys
    import serial
    portName = "COM5"
    relayNum = "1"
    relayCmd = "on"
    #Open port for communication    
    serPort = serial.Serial(portName, 9600, timeout=1)
    #Send the command
    serPort.write("relay "+ str(relayCmd) +" "+ str(relayNum) + "\n\r")
    print "Command sent..."
    #Close the port

As long as I use the correct COM port, COM5, I do not get any errors.

Any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA


It looks like you need to send the byte 0x01 to turn the relay on and 0x00 to turn it off, not strings "on" and "off".

Try serPort.write(0x01) to turn the relay on.

Edit: It also looks like you might need to send the start byte 0xA0 first.

  • I tried serPort.write("0xA0 0x01") with no luck. Any other suggestions?
    – user72055
    Mar 24 '15 at 11:53
  • Don't use quotes. Also try sending just 0xA0 then 0x01 with a second call to write
    – Keith
    Mar 24 '15 at 14:58
  • I did try both and still no luck.
    – user72055
    Mar 24 '15 at 21:28


I needed to encode as HEX. Here is what worked.

import serial
port = 'COM3'
ser = serial.Serial(port, 9600, timeout=1)
# To close relay (ON)
code = 'A00101A2'
# To open relay (OFF)
code = 'A00100A1'
  • For Python 3.6.0: serPort.write(codecs.decode(b'A00101A2','hex'))
    – Becca
    Jun 19 '17 at 23:47

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