I am able to change the Font in NSTextView AFTER I have loaded some text.

  • nameTextView.string = "Some Text"
  • nameTextView.textStorage?.font = NSFont(name: "Lucida Sans", size: 15)

but how can I set this Font as the default Font?

if the user starts typing in an empty NsTextView control, the Font always returns to the controls default Font which seems to be 'Helvetica Regular', size 12


Ok, after a lot of try and error I found a solution:

let font = NSFont(name: "Lucida Sans", size: 18)
let attributes = NSDictionary(object: font!, forKey: NSFontAttributeName)
nameTextView.typingAttributes = attributes

I put that code lines in function awakefromNib


The following works for me

func applicationDidFinishLaunching(aNotification: NSNotification) {
    // Insert code here to initialize your application
    nameTextView.font = NSFont(name: "Lucida Sans", size: 15)

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