• The users will need to interrupt the execution of their code
  • In other words they need something like the ability to hit CTRL-C to halt execution when running Python or IronPython from the cmdline
  • I want to add a button to the winform that when pressed halts the execution, but I'm not sure how to do this.


  • How can I make it to that pressing the a "stop" button will actually halt the execution of the using entered IronPython code?


  • Note: I don't wish to simply throw away that "session" - I still want the user to be able to interact with session and access any results that were available before it was halted.
  • I am assuming I will need to execute this in a separate thread, any guidance or sample code in doing this correctly will be appreciated.

This is basically an adaptation of how the IronPython console handles Ctrl-C. If you want to check the source, it's in BasicConsole and CommandLine.Run.

First, start up the IronPython engine on a separate thread (as you assumed). When you go to run the user's code, wrap it in a try ... catch(ThreadAbortException) block:

var engine = Python.CreateEngine();
bool aborted = false;
try {
    engine.Execute(/* whatever */);
} catch(ThreadAbortException tae) {
    if(tae.ExceptionState is Microsoft.Scripting.KeyboardInterruptException) {
        aborted = true;
    } else { throw; }

if(aborted) {
    // this is application-specific

Now, you'll need to keep a reference to the IronPython thread handy. Create a button handler on your form, and call Thread.Abort().

public void StopButton_OnClick(object sender, EventArgs e) {
    pythonThread.Abort(new Microsoft.Scripting.KeyboardInterruptException(""));

The KeyboardInterruptException argument allows the Python thread to trap the ThreadAbortException and handle it as a KeyboardInterrupt.


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