I have a struct like this

struct Sample {
    v: Vec<u8>,

and my trait goes like this

trait CustomTrait {...}

Can I do the above stuff? It threw an error for me.

I want something similar to the Clone trait. Is this possible with Rust?

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#[derive(Foo, Bar)] is sugar for #[derive_Foo] #[derive_Bar], so it is possible to implement your own decorator attribute in the same way as #[derive_Clone] is, but this requires you to write a compiler plugin, which is not a stable part of Rust and will not be stable in 1.0 (and will thus be unavailable in the stable and beta channels).

There is a little documentation on such matters in the book, but not much; you’re largely on your own with it.

Bear in mind that what you can actually do at that stage is limited; you have access to the struct definition only, and know nothing about the actual types mentioned. This is a good fit for all of the traits for which #[derive] support is built in, but is not for many other traits.

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No, you can't. derive instructs the compiler to provide a basic implementation of the trait. You can't expect the compiler to magically know how to implement a user-defined trait.

You can only use derive with these traits (taken from http://rustbyexample.com/trait/derive.html):

  • Comparison traits: Eq, PartialEq, Ord, PartialOrd
  • Serialization: Encodable, Decodable
  • Clone, to create T from &T via a copy.
  • Hash, to compute a hash from &T.
  • Rand, to create a random instance of a data type.
  • Default, to create an empty instance of a data type.
  • Zero, to create a zero instance of a numeric data type.
  • FromPrimitive, to create an instance from a numeric primitive.
  • Debug, to format a value using the {:?} formatter.

NOTE: Apparently this was proposed and is being discussed here

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  • I think Copy should be in this list. It is in the list in the linked document at rustbyexaple.com. – Lii Aug 13 '17 at 14:15

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