Context: Windows 7. Perl: Strawberry version 5.20

Prologue: I installed Mail::Sender using the install command from the cpan shell. It asked me if I wanted to enter default values. I said Yes but then I just put in blank for all the values. What I really wanted was to have said No. When the installation was done, I started all over. But in order to make anything happen, I had to use force install. This time I answered No to the default values question. The resulting installation functions satisfactorily. But, looking in the folder \Strawberry\cpan\build\Mail-Sender\blib\lib I find two subdirectories for the Mail module, apparently corresponding to my two installation attempts.

Question: can I safely delete the older of these two Mail module directories?


The cpan\build is just cpan's temporary workspace. Its contents can be safely deleted.

cpan's setting build_cache limits the size of this directory. Setting it to zero clears that directory every time cpan is started and/or every time you start installing a module.

The first thing cpan after obtaining the distribution tarball is to unzip it into a new unique subdirectory of cpan\build[1].

After doing a bit a prep work, the installation process will install the distribution into a temporary subdirectory named blib[2]. The tests will be run using the modules installed in blib. If the tests pass, the files in blib are copied to their final location.

  1. Existing build directories can be reused if cpan's build_dir_reuse setting is true. (I recommend against that; it causes problem, without any upside.) Even then, deleting the build directories isn't a problem.

  2. This is the what installed based on ExtUtils::MakeMaker or Module::Build installers do. Other installers may behave differently.

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