I am trying to enable/disable a button based on the selection of a row on a ui-grid. If there are no rows selected, the button is disabled.

I found this plunkr with the old ng-grid way of firing an event after a row is selected.

  $scope.gridOptions = { 

  data: 'myData', 
  selectedItems: $scope.selections,
  enableRowSelection: true,

  afterSelectionChange:function() {
        if ($scope.selections != "" ) {
            $scope.disabled = false;
        } else {
            $scope.disabled = true;

Unfortunately it does not work, and I have found no sign of such event in the ui-grid documentation.

How can I achieve that with ui-grid?


In ui-grid, you register a callback function on the event "rowSelectionChanged"

 $scope.gridOptions.onRegisterApi = function (gridApi) {
                $scope.gridApi = gridApi;
                gridApi.selection.on.rowSelectionChanged($scope, callbackFunction);
                gridApi.selection.on.rowSelectionChangedBatch($scope, callbackFunction);

 function callbackFunction(row) { 
    var msg = 'row selected ' + row.isSelected; $log.log(msg); 

I think you should take a look at the tutorial page in ui-grid: http://ui-grid.info/docs/#/tutorial/210_selection. The API page sucks, in my opinion :(.


you can first get all the records selected in the grid currently by doing :

$scope.rowsSelected = $scope.gridApi.selection.getSelectedRows();

now we can get the length of this array using :

$scope.countRows = $scope.rowsSelected.length;

based on $scope.countRows>0 or 0 you can enable or disable a button using

ng-disabled = "countRows"
  • Thanks @shivisuper Glad it was useful! – Vishal Gulati Dec 21 '17 at 11:37

    $scope.gridOptions.onRegisterApi = function(gridApi){

       $scope.gridApi = gridApi;

       gridApi.selection.on.rowSelectionChanged($scope, function(row){ 
        $scope.countRows = $scope.gridApi.selection.getSelectedRows().length;

       gridApi.selection.on.rowSelectionChangedBatch($scope, function(row){ 
        $scope.countRows = $scope.gridApi.selection.getSelectedRows().length;

In the HTML side you can use some thing like this

    <button class="custom-button" ng-disabled="countRows<=0" ng-click="submit()">Details</button>

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