I would like to experiment with HTML5 WebSockets, and I am looking for a mature webserver with support for websockets. Is there a list of webservers that support websockets per default? What popular webservers has support for websockets out of the box? The server programming language doesn't matter, I know Java, PHP, Erlang, Python and more... I just want to do some small experiments.

I have looked at a few that doesn't support websockets (yet), i.e. Nginx, Apache and Mochiweb.

  • For those who're using Django, Channels is the answer. According to the community, Channels will be officially released in Django 1.10 – user2218780 Apr 21 '17 at 5:42

Nowadays node.js, especially in conjuction with the Socket.IO library, is a popular platform for WebSocket experiments. It's not a traditional "webserver" like Apache/nginx but it certainly offers a "server programming language" that's super easy to set up for small experiments and is possible to deploy in production too.


You can find a mod_websocket module for lighttpd here. I've tested it with lighttpd 1.4.26.

When building mod_websocket, be sure to specify the correct websocket protocol version you want to use (version -75 or -76). Starting with WebKit nightly build r59903 and Chrome 6.0.414.0 (r47952) only protocol version -76 is supported.

  • Unfortunately, mod_websocket does not work with the latest versions of lighttpd. – Alex Che May 4 '17 at 8:29


I tested netty. It seems to work, but I need to play with it a little more to be sure if it's good solution.


Jetty (a Java servletcontainer) supports HTML5 websockets since version 7.0.1. You can find several information and blogs about it here.


I just tried out tornado web server and I'm really satisfied. You will easily get up and running in no time.


Apache Tomcat 7 and later versions support WebSocket.

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