By default Sublime Text colors Bash keywords like echo, for, time, and some more. However, I like how gEdit also colors cp, mv, and some others that Sublime Text doesn't highlight. How can I make Sublime Text recognize cp and mv (and maybe others) as keyboards and highlight them, for Bash script files (.sh)?

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Command Palette -> PackageResourceViewer: Open Resource -> ShellScript -> Shell-Unix-Generic.tmLanguage

Scroll down to ~ line 1750 and add/edit

  • I can't find PackageResourceViewer under Command Palette. Am I missing something? – becko Mar 26 '15 at 13:01
  • 1
    PackageResourceViewer. Install it via the Command Palette -> Package Control : Install Package. – AGS Mar 26 '15 at 14:11

1st: Install the Package Control

Menu Tools -> the very bottom click on Install Package Control and wait a few seconds, it will tell you once successfully installed:

Package Control was successfully installed

(Restart sublime-text for that menu item to disappear.)

2nd: View the Command Palette

Menu Tools -> at the very top click on Command Palette.

3rd: Search for Package Control: Install Package

Just type into the search box:

Package Control: Install Package

And click on it.

4th: Install the PackageResourceViewer plugin

Just type into the search box:


And click on it.

It will notify to about successful installation very shortly in the very bottom status bar.

5th: Open the resource viewer

View the Command Palette again.

Just type into the search box:

PackageResourceViewer: Open Resource

And click on it.

6th: Open ShellScript resource

Just type into the search box:


And click on it.

7th: Open Bash sublime-syntax configuration file

Just type into the search box:


And click on it.

It will open a file.

8th: Search for

Search via CTRL+F for this code:

9th: Edit the match line content to your liking

Out of the box this contains in the build 3126:


In later versions, I have tested build 3176, the file is structured heavily and there is no longer a single line to edit.

You will literally have to dig through the file and edit it to your liking.

10th: Save the file and continue working


You don't need to restart sublime-text in order for the new settings to apply.

  • The file Shell-Unix-Generic.sublime-syntax has only 8 lines and none of them matches – NurShomik Jun 7 at 17:25
  • @NurShomik Thank you for bringing that up. I have just installed the latest build and can confirm that the Unix file does no longer serve our purpose. I have edited the answer, I hope it helps a little, but there is no longer a single line to edit. – Vlastimil Jun 7 at 18:22

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