i am using obj C and i am having problem with assigning const IplImage* to the shared_ptr

i have defined a type as below

typedef std::shared_ptr<const IplImage> SharedImage;

and then i create an instance of it assign the instance to const IplImage* image.

how do i do that?

i understand that i have to initialize the IplImage that my shared_ptr is pointing to. so i have tried something like this, no error but unsure how to assign the variable image to it.

SharedImage shared_image(new const IplImage(*cvCreateImage(size, IPL_DEPTH_32F, 1)));

i tried shared_image.get() = image;

but it gives me error. any suggestion please? thank you in advance!


You should be able to use reset


This interface would also allow you to set the corresponding deleter (if not the default). This capability would not exist with any of the approaches you were looking for

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