I'm working with ALEPH reasoning engine in SWI-Prolog. I want to save the rules that ALEPH infers and shows them in SWI-Prolog console, but I have no idea how can I do it! The sample result is depicted in the picture below,

[Rule 134] [Pos cover = 1 Neg cover = 0]
[Rule 135] [Pos cover = 3 Neg cover = 0]
friends(A,u2) :- age(A,adult).
[Rule 136] [Pos cover = 2 Neg cover = 0]
friends(A,u5) :- age(A,adult).
[Rule 137] [Pos cover = 1 Neg cover = 0]
[Rule 138] [Pos cover = 1 Neg cover = 0]

these rules are shown after calling the induction procedure with this commands:
- read_all(aleph_files). - induce.

Now I'm wondering how I can store these rules into a txt file automatically.


I found it. It is only needed to say:


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