I'am trying to insert a JavaScript object with the help of JQuery into a HTML-element like that:

var selectList = document.createElement("select");
//added some properties ..

//trying insert after a specific HTML tag
    var selectedListValue=$(selectList) ;
    $( "<tr><td>"+selectedListValue+"</td></tr>" ).insertAfter("#EFAForm_Klein div table tbody tr:last-child()");

I'am getting something like this, if I only insert "selectList":

"object HTMLSelectElement" 

or this, if I use "$(selectList)":

"[object Object]"

Do I need to convert my JS-Object for JQuery ?

Ty for helping.


The problem is selectedListValue is an jQuery object which when used in string concatenation results in [object Object]. In the same way selectList is an HTMLElement object whose toString() returns object HTMLSelectElement

What you need to do is to append the tr then find the td inside it and append the selectList to it

$("<tr><td></td></tr>").insertAfter("#EFAForm_Klein div table tbody tr:last-child").find('td').append(selectList);

you should omit the ():

.insertAfter("#EFAForm_Klein div table tbody tr:last");

or a better one:

$("#EFAForm_Klein tr").filter(':last')

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