I am trying to sent a custom arraylist of objects in Jersey, but no success at how this can be achieved.

My Clode,

 Response response = target.request().post( EntityList), MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_VALUE));

How can this be achieved?




The post method comes in three flavors

Since you want to just get an Response back, you will use the first one. As you can see it accepts an Entity. This class has a static json method, that you can pass an arbitrary object to. As long as you have a serializer (provider like Jackson) to handle this marshalling (and have configured it, if necessary), then something something like below should work fine

Response response = target.request().post(Entity.json(entityList));

If you get an exception about no MessageBodyWriter is found, then try to add this dependency


This should automatically register with your Client (version 2.9 and up).

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