I am looking to facilitate the users of my website with a google-doc like text editor, where the user can write and format text in the context of an A4-page rather than a HTML textbox, which can be saved on server later on.

The idea is that, later I can proceed to print the file on server-side, without asking the user to go through the File->Print from his browser and then re-upload the locally saved PDF, instead I would generate a printable format of the input.

A simple WYSIWIG editor won't do I believe, as it will not be able to edit address fields inside it, but feel free to prove me wrong!


  • Slightly different but in the same context is cloudformatter.com/Nimbus which is an XSL designer for merging data. It uses Summernote editor and customizations. – Kevin Brown Mar 26 '15 at 17:05

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