I'm trying to get MSBuild 2010 to publish a web app to a specific location. I can get it to publish the deployment package to a particular path, but the deployment package then adds its own path that changes.

For example: if I tell it to publish to C:\dev\build\Output\Debug then the actual web files end up at C:\dev\build\Output\Debug\Archive\Content\C_C\code\app\Source\ControllersViews\obj\Debug\Package\PackageTmp And the C_C part of the path changes (not sure how it chooses this part of the path).

This means I can't just script a copy from the publish location.

I'm using this nant/msbuild command at the moment:

  <target name="compile" description="Compiles">
<msbuild project="${name}.sln">

  <property name="Platform" value="Any CPU"/>
  <property name="Configuration" value="Debug"/>
  <property name="DeployOnBuild" value="true"/>
  <property name="DeployTarget" value="Package"/>
  <property name="PackageLocation" value="C:\dev\build\Output\Debug\"/>
  <property name="AutoParameterizationWebConfigConnectionStrings" value="false"/>
  <property name="PackageAsSingleFile" value="false"/>


Any ideas on how to get it to send the web files directly to a specific location?

msbuild /t:Build;PipelinePreDeployCopyAllFilesToOneFolder /p:Configuration=Release;_PackageTempDir=C:\temp\somelocation;AutoParameterizationWebConfigConnectionStrings=false MyProject.csproj

Corresponding NAnt script:

<msbuild project="MyProject.csproj" target="PipelinePreDeployCopyAllFilesToOneFolder">
  <property name="Configuration" value="Release" />
  <property name="_PackageTempDir" value="C:\temp\somelocation" />
  <property name="AutoParameterizationWebConfigConnectionStrings" value="false" />


See also Team Build: Publish locally using MSDeploy


If you are using a VS2010 web application (as opposed to a web site project), consider setting up the Package/Publish Web settings in your project and building the 'Project' target in your nant script.

Lots of juicy msdeploy goodness and background here: http://www.hanselman.com/blog/WebDeploymentMadeAwesomeIfYoureUsingXCopyYoureDoingItWrong.aspx

In my nant scripts, I run the following msbuild commands:

    <if  test="${property::exists('basename')}">
        <exec program="${msbuild.location}" workingdir="${project::get-base-directory()}">
            <arg value="/p:Configuration=${configuration}" />
            <arg value="/logger:ThoughtWorks.CruiseControl.MsBuild.XmlLogger,${msbuild.logger.dll}" if="${nunit.formatter.type == 'Xml'}"/>
            <arg value="/noconsolelogger" if="${nunit.formatter.type == 'Xml'}"/>
            <arg value="${basename}.sln"/>


    <if  test="${property::exists('basename')}">
        <exec program="${msbuild.location}" workingdir="${project::get-base-directory()}\${basename}">
            <arg value="/p:Configuration=${configuration}" />
            <arg value="/t:Package" />
            <arg value="/logger:ThoughtWorks.CruiseControl.MsBuild.XmlLogger,${msbuild.logger.dll}" if="${nunit.formatter.type == 'Xml'}"/>
            <arg value="/noconsolelogger" if="${nunit.formatter.type == 'Xml'}"/>
            <arg value="${basename}.csproj"/>

My basename nant variable gives the name of both the VS solution file (.sln) and the project file (.csproj) for the web application. I happen to prefer the zip-file deployment as shown in my project settings:

Sample Package Settings for Deployment of Web Application

There is one additional quirk. If you install MSDeploy version 2.0 on the target machine, the .deploy.cmd file must be edited to change the MSDeploy version number as follows:


  for /F "usebackq tokens=2*" %%i  in (`reg query "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\IIS Extensions\MSDeploy\1" /v InstallPath`) do (


  for /F "usebackq tokens=2*" %%i  in (`reg query "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\IIS Extensions\MSDeploy\2" /v InstallPath`) do (

I think you're using the wrong property. Try the OutDir property instead.

<arg value="/property:OutDir=C:\dev\build\Output\Debug\" />

Personally, I call MsBuild.exe directly instead of using the msbuild tag:

    <exec program="${MSBuildPath}">
        <arg line='"${ProjectFile}"' />
        <arg value="/target:_CopyWebApplication" />
        <arg value="/property:OutDir=${LocalDeployPath}\" />
        <arg value="/property:WebProjectOutputDir=${LocalDeployPath}" />
        <arg value="/property:Configuration=${SolutionConfiguration}" />
        <arg value="/verbosity:normal" />
        <arg value="/nologo" />

MSBuildPath - The path to MsBuild.exe (allows you to target any framework version you want)

ProjectFile - The relative path to your project file

LocalDeployPath - The local folder where everthing will be outputed. Your copy script will use also use this as the source directory.

SolutionConfiguration - Release, Debug

  • _CopyWebApplication will not work if you use Nuget brings in reference library. Apr 1 '11 at 6:37
  • Yes the OutDir property controls it precisely, give or take a "_PublishedWebsites\$(ProjectName)\" subdirectory May 30 '19 at 11:53

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