Does anybody has an experience with Spring Integration project as embedded ESB?

I'm highly interesting in such use cases as:

  • Reading files from directory on schedule basis
  • Getting data from JDBC data source
  • Modularity and possibility to start/stop/redeploy module on the fly (e.g. one module can scan directory on schedule basis, another call query from jdbc data source etc.)
  • repeat/retry policy


I found answers on all my questions except "Getting data from JDBC data source". Is it technically possible?

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Remember, "ESB" is just a marketing term designed to sell more expensive software, it's not a magic bullet. You need to consider the specific jobs you need your software to do, and pick accordingly. If Spring Integration seems to fit the bill, I wouldn't be too concerned if it doesn't look much like an uber-expensive server installation.

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    I know :). I'm using in projects Mule ESB, but often it's overqualified and wish to use simplified and embedded one.
    – FoxyBOA
    Sep 11, 2009 at 10:42

The Spring Integration JDBC adapters are available in 2.0, and we just released GA last week. Here's the relevant section from the reference manual: http://static.springsource.org/spring-integration/docs/latest-ga/reference/htmlsingle/#jdbc


This link describes the FileSucker with Spring Integration. Read up on your Enterprise Integration patterns for more info I think.

I kinda think you need to do a bit more investigation your self, or do a couple of tries on some of your usecases. Then we can discuss whats good and bad


JDBC Adapters appear to be a work in progress.

Even if there is no specific adapter available, remember that Spring Integration is a thin wrapper around POJOs. You'll be able to access JDBC in any component e.g. your service activators.

See here for a solution based on a polling inbound channel adapter too.

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