How do I convert the below code into CMD line code for windows?

r=`wget -q www.someurl.com`
if [ $r -ne 0 ]
  then echo "Not there"
  else echo "OK"

something like this:

wget.exe -q www.someurl.com
if errorlevel 1 (
   echo not there
) ELSE (
    echo ok

the error can be printed with

    echo Failure  is %errorlevel%

Using cmd's short-circuit && and || operators:

wget.exe -q www.someurl.com && (
  echo OK
) || (
  echo Not there

If the statements are short, you can make this into a one-liner

wget.exe -q www.someurl.com && ( echo OK ) || ( echo Not there )

This method only notes if the exit code is zero or nonzero. If you need the actual exit code, use the if statements in Stuart Siegler's answer.

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