I submitted a brand new app to AppStore and it got rejected. ... (nothing new there). What I want to do is delete that app completely from my itunesconnect account. I don't know what apple recently changed but in the past once the app was rejected I use to see a "delete" button on the summary page. Now I don't see one anymore.

  • More > Delete app – PowHu Mar 27 '15 at 5:39
  • @PowHu now itunes not provide this functionality of delete app in more tab . – Darshan Kunjadiya Mar 27 '15 at 5:45
  • @PowHu iTunes has changed, now More > Delete App no longer available – Tapas Pal Mar 27 '15 at 5:48
  • @TapasPal my app status is rejected, Then how to remove from itunes – Bhavesh Nayi Mar 27 '15 at 6:38

From the Apple doc

If you’ve created an app in iTunes Connect that you no longer need to manage, you can delete it from iTunes Connect.

Apps can’t be deleted if they are part of a Game Center group, in an app bundle, or currently displayed on a store. You’ll want to remove the app from sale or from the group if you want to delete it. See Removing an App from Sale or Removing an App from a Group. Apps that have not been approved yet can’t be deleted; instead, reject the app. See Removing Your Binary from Review.


Simple steps for Deleting/Removing app from iTunes Connect:

Just Use this steps Below ->

iTunesConnect > App > Rights and Pricing > specific stores > Deselect All > Save

After 24hours app will be removed.

  • Does this still work? – lborgav Feb 2 '16 at 23:56

Although, as Tapas Pal pointed out from the Apple doc, you can't delete an app that hasn't been submitted, you can use that app ID for something else later. That's what I did:

  1. Renamed the app so I could easily see that it was in limbo, eg. "FUTURE DEVELOPMENT".
  2. When I had a new app, that stub was ready for me to use.

Hope that helps.

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