I am doing statistical analysis in R. I need to paste the results in a report written in French. In French, floating point numbers are written using a decimal comma instead of decimal point.

Manually replacing points by commas is a bit tedious...

1/ How may I have R print all my floating point numbers with a comma separating the integer and decimal parts ?

Many thanks to rmuc8 for having answered very quickly and effectively to this first question:

options(OutDec= ",")

This will yield e.g.


[1] 3,14

2/ How may I have R's sprintf("%.1f", x) doing the same ? e.g I'd like

sprintf("%.2f", 3.14)

to give the character string

[1] "3,14"

instead of

[1] "3.14"

Many thanks in advance for any help

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Try it with options

options(OutDec= ",")

If you want to apply it on an object like a data.frame, you can use format

format(name_of_dataframe, decimal.mark=",")

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