i installed the xhprof profiling extension for php

Everything is fine except for the callgraph.php file, it returns: failed to shell execute cmd=" dot -Tpng"

so i checked and the dot utility wasn't installed, so i installed it.

it appears to be running fine from the command line so i ran the scritp again, same error: failed to shell execute cmd=" dot -Tpng"

the xhprof documentation states: the callgraph image visualization ([View Callgraph]) feature relies on the presence of Graphviz "dot" utility in your path.

but i don't understand what i need to do now, specifically the "utility in your path" part

Any help appreciated, thanks guys


If you want graphing functions for xhprof run next command in terminal:

sudo apt-get install graphviz
  • Also available for Mac using homebrew: brew install graphviz. Worked like a charm! – mathielo Jul 26 '16 at 12:31

When I enable error_reporting, I see there are some configuration variable are missing:

function xhprof_generate_image_by_dot($dot_script, $type) {
  // get config => yep really dirty - but unobstrusive
  global $_xhprof;

  $errorFile    = $_xhprof['dot_errfile'];
  $tmpDirectory = $_xhprof['dot_tempdir'];
  $dotBinary    = $_xhprof['dot_binary'];

After add the following lines to xhprof_lib/config.php, it works

$_xhprof['dot_errfile'] = '/home/peniel/var/log/xhprof/error.log';
$_xhprof['dot_tempdir'] = '/home/peniel/var/log/xhprof';
$_xhprof['dot_binary'] = '/usr/bin/dot';

If you have installed graphviz this error also will occure because of the security restrictions. Some functions may be disabled. So, see your logs for some php warnings.

For example:

PHP Warning:  proc_open() has been disabled for security reasons in /usr/share/php/xhprof_lib/utils/callgraph_utils.php on line 112

You need to configure php.ini or security.ini parameter "disable_functions".


Having the utility "in your path" means that it can be located by the environment variable PATH. This environment variables contains directories where the shell looks for binaries that you run without an explicit path.

Let's say the full path to dot is /opt/foo/bin/dot. Then you want to modify your PATH environment variable this way:

  • i added it as you said PATH=${PATH}:/usr/bin/dot same error (i should also say its from within a web browser) – mononym May 28 '10 at 15:46
  • @mononym - you need to set the PATH for your web server. – R Samuel Klatchko May 29 '10 at 0:28
  • How would i do that? – mononym May 29 '10 at 6:22

In my case this was caused simply because graphviz was not installed. You can check with which dot or locate graphviz on the command line.


steps for fast fix the issue if you have Graphviz and still getting error:

  1. run "which dot"


  1. open xhprof_lib/utils/callgraph_utils.php line 110
  2. replace "dot" by "/usr/local/bin/dot" (or path you have)

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