Pretty much what it says in the title- I am constantly getting "Project Files Changed" messages in PyCharm. The exact message is:

Project components were changed externally and cannot be reloaded:


Would you like to reload project?

For example, Alt-Tabbing out of PyCharm for a few seconds and then Alt-Tabbing back in is likely to generate the message. It usually doesn't occur unless I switch to another application, although sometimes it does anyways.

Kinda stumped. Anybody seen this before?

Any input would be appreciated!

  • I'm getting this without using OneDrive, so really have no idea why it's occurring... Commented Apr 29, 2015 at 17:15

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I have resolved this problem by turning off "Synchronize files on frame activation" in Settings --> Apperance and Behaviour --> System Settings --> Synchronization. The problem happens when your project use symlinks or a network file system...


Apparently PyCharm and OneDrive don't work well together. I moved my project folder out of the OneDrive hierarchy and everything settled down.

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