We are migrating from subversion to git and we've decided to use Gitlab as the web interface. We reference an issue number in our commit messages. Since we are using Gitlab's issue tracker, the number would reset to 1. For a given project, how can I set the minimum issue number?


I don't think there's an official way to accomplish this. You're probably going to need to get your hands dirty in the database to get it done. I would try to create a dummy issue in your project which will create issue 1. Then go into the database, find the issues table and edit the position column to the number one before you want to start with then resolve it. In theory, the next issue created would be the number you want to start with.

I haven't tested this. If it does work, it is possible it could cause long term problems break with other functionality or issues with future upgrades.


It looks like there is no official way to do this. I actually just used the Gitlab API in Ruby to create a bunch of dummy issues and close them. I'm sure that if I was really adventurous I could probably export the existing issues from our current VCS or something, but for our purposes it works just to do that.

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