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I'm going through the Discover Meteor demo, and am struggling to figure out how exactly 'return !! userId;' works in this section:

  insert: function(userId, doc) {
  // only allow posting if you are logged in
    return !! userId;

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! is the logical negation or "not" operator. !! is ! twice. It's a way of casting a "truthy" or "falsy" value to true or false, respectively. Given a boolean, ! will negate the value, i.e. !true yields false and vice versa. Given something other than a boolean, the value will first be converted to a boolean and then negated. For example, !undefined will first convert undefined to false and then negate it, yielding true. Applying a second ! operator (!!undefined) yields false, so in effect !!undefined converts undefined to false.

In JavaScript, the values false, null, undefined, 0, -0, NaN, and '' (empty string) are "falsy" values. All other values are "truthy."(1):7.1.2 Here's a truth table of ! and !! applied to various values:

 value     | !value | !!value
 false     | true   | false
 true      | false  | true
 null      | true   | false
 undefined | true   | false
 0         | true   | false
 -0        | true   | false
 1         | false  | true
 -5        | false  | true
 NaN       | true   | false
 ''        | true   | false
 'hello'   | false  | true
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