What I'm trying to do is a custom node class, but in the init it also creates it's own individual nodes (declared as @properties, so you can access them anywhere. these nodes are also custom classes that I found here Correct way to create button in Sprite Kit?). If I try to [self addChild:] these individual nodes in my GameScene.m, it will crash giving a runtime error. Adding an exception breakpoint tells me that the problem is in the line I showed below, but I don't understand why. The error is "trying to add a nil node to parent SKScene with name (null)", although I gave that node a name. Please push me in the right direction. I'm an absolute beginner to iOS development, and tried to look up what I want to achieve, but with no luck.

Source code:


#import "DirectionalButton.h"

@interface DirectionalPad : SKSpriteNode

@property(nonatomic)DirectionalButton *dirBtnLeft;
@property(nonatomic)DirectionalButton *dirBtnRight;



        //Executed in init method
        NSString *pathToImageForLeftButtonTexture = @"buttonDirectionalLeft";
        NSString *pathToImageForRightButtonTexture = @"buttonDirectionalRight";
        self.dirBtnLeft = [[DirectionalButton alloc]initWithImageNamedNormal:pathToImageForLeftButtonTexture selected:pathToImageForLeftButtonTexture];
/*Setting size, position, name, zPosition*/
        self.dirBtnRight = [[DirectionalButton alloc]initWithImageNamedNormal:pathToImageForRightButtonTexture selected:pathToImageForRightButtonTexture];
/*Same here*/


#import "DirectionalButton.h"
#import "DirectionalPad.h"

@implementation GameScene
    DirectionalPad *pad;

//Some code omitted...

- (void)createHUD {
    //Executed in didMoveToView:

    pad = [[DirectionalPad alloc] init];
        [self addChild:pad.dirBtnLeft];
    [self addChild:pad.dirBtnRight];
    [self addChild:pad];

You do not show your init method for the DirectionalPad class. Does the init method explicitly create new DirectionalButton objects (with alloc and new)?. If not, you are creating a pad object whose dirBtnLeft and dirBtnRight properties will both have value nil after you create the pad. Therefore

[self addChild:pad.dirBtnRight];

will be equivalent to

[self addChild:nil];

which is obviously not what you want done. This is exactly what the runtime error message is telling you. The name (null) part of the message is irrelevant in this case.

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