I am wondering if this is possible with regex or should I just split it up into a char array and do a loop?

Insert a space every (x) characters (specified by user) into a string they have typed in.

For example: They have the string "oogabooga".

They first want to insert a space every 2 characters, they would get "oo ga bo og a".

then they restart the program and want to have a space every 4 characters, they would get "ooga boog a"

(Ive already got the code to work but can't input a int to a regex, how do I do that in particular?)

Thanks for the help. I have searched for quite a while now on this.

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You will need a backreference in the replace section, with a regex like the below if you are using regex:


where n is the number of characters, and replace with $0 ($0 is the backreference and will refer to the match part).

String in = "oogabooga";
String val = "2";   // use 4 here to insert spaces every 4 characters
String result = in.replaceAll("(.{" + val + "})", "$1 ").trim();

ideone demo

  • Perfect! Thank you very much. I was trying to insert a int (contained in val) instead of a string, like you have, where you have typed + val +. I assume how this works is that regex takes a string but then converts that number to a int so it can process it? ps. Sorry about the poor explanation here, I'm new to programming.
    – togglism
    Mar 30, 2015 at 23:40
  • @togglism It's jut that you need to pass a regex string to the function, so an int would actually need more work (to convert it to a string so it can be appended to another string).
    – Jerry
    Mar 31, 2015 at 4:02

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