I am writing attempting to return the id from an insert that's occurring within my Meteor.methods.

Server code:

  newCompanyReview: insertCompanyReview,

function insertCompanyReview(company,text,rating){
  var cid;
  cid = Companies.insert({
    company: company,
    text: text,
    rating: rating,
  return cid;

I am assuming that returning the cid variable in the above block returns the variable. However, when I try this in the chrome inspector.

> hello = Meteor.call("newCompanyReview",company="Test");

This does successfully insert into the DB. Why isn't return returning the id?


What you need here, its a callback, make this Meteor.call asyncrhonus, like this

       console.log("The new object id is " + result)
       //or put the id in a Session

With this you can run on the console just a Session.get("newObjectId")

  • OK, thank you -- I think the asyncSession.get/set is a good fix. But why is the variable "hello" returning unassigned in the above? Per the docs I guess it's a sync call link but why would that make a difference? – Max Caldwell Mar 30 '15 at 3:15
  • Thats an expected behavior, you should use the async call and assng the var hello = result sorry bad formatting im on my cellphone – Ethaan Mar 30 '15 at 3:27
  • Gotcha -- this worked: var hello; Meteor.call("newCompanyReview",company="Test",function(err,result){hello = result;}); I still don't completely understand why the sync call doesn't return, but we've gotten my id working without a session.get so I'll accept the answer. Thank you for the help! – Max Caldwell Mar 30 '15 at 4:06

The accepted answer is incomplete. See the discussion here. To quote Steve:

A Meteor method is usually composed of 2 parts: a server-side part (let's call it the server-side method) and a client-side part (let's call it the stub).

If, from the client, you want to get the result of the server-side method, use the callback argument of the Meteor.call function:

Meteor.call('myMethod', arg1, arg2, function(error, result) {
    // 'result' is the method return value

If, from the client, you want to get the result of the stub, use this undocumented parameter of the Meteor.apply function:

var result = Meteor.apply('myMethod', [arg1, arg2],      { returnStubValue: true });

Some may say using returnStubValue is misleading. Refer to the first link for more.

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