I have multiple devices/emulators connected to my computer and I want to install an apk or run other adb commands in one of the devices.

How do I do that?


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If you want to install apk

  1. Multiple Emulator and one device attached you want to install apk on device :

    adb -d install <path of apk>

  2. Multiple Emulator and Multiple device attached And you want to install on device :

A. Get devices name and serial numbver.

adb devices

B. Now install apk on given device id.

adb -s <serial number of device> install <path of apk>

  1. Multiple Emulator And you want to install on selected emulater:

    adb -e install <path of apk>

For more detail please follow below link: http://developer.android.com/tools/help/adb.html



adb devices

to get list of all connected devices. Then use

adb -s <deviceId> install abc.apk

You may query the list of devices connected to your computer with:

adb devices

Then you may run any adb command for one of the devices like:

adb -s emulator-5554 install myAPK.apk

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