I'm working on a game that is built using OpenFrameworks.

In it's make files, there is a -nostdlib CFLAG.

I'm trying to integrate Google Play Game Services' c++ sdk

I've copied the GPGS include & libs folder into my "libs project", and added the .a file to OF's PROJECT_STATIC_LIBRARY and the include folder to OF's header search paths.

Now, when I compile the project without adding -std=c++11 to the CFLAGS, I see 2 major errors in gpg.h: 'chrono' in namespace 'std' does not name a type and 'function' in namespace 'std' does not name a type.

But when I add -std=c++11 to CFLAGS, I see 3 major errors in OF code, all stemming from the use of 'dynamic_cast_tag". I've added a picture of ofTypes.h, (from open frameworks), where the error is.

enter image description here

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While the latest commits to the openFrameworks project compile it with c++11, the Google Games cpp sdk will not link due to duplicate md5_block_data_order symbols.

I've implemented a workaround.

I am no longer using the Google cpp sdk. Instead I am implementing the integration with Google Game Services in OFActivity.java and using jni from a cpp wrapper that I've written.

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