I need to replace property value in a xml file using the property name.


<property name="test-name" value="default-value"/>

I have a target to replace this value . i.e "default-value". User can run this target several times if he's given a wrong value for property test-name he can try again running target with correct value. Therefore i can not use regular expression to replace "default-value". I can only rely on property name. Is there a way to replace property value using it's name in ant ?


The typical way to do that in Ant is to copy or move the files you want to change, using a FilterSet to define the token-value pairs you want to replace in the files.

So in your "template" version of the file you might have something like this

    <element value="@test-name@"/>

And in your build file you might have something like this:

<property name="my.value" value="default-value"/>
<copy file="${build.dir}/version.txt" toFile="${dist.dir}/version.txt" override="true">
      <filter token="test-name" value="${my.value}"/>
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    It does not replace it in the original, it replaces it in the copy. If you use override="true" in the copy operation, then it is replaced every time with whatever the new value is. – sudocode Mar 31 '15 at 10:24

Since I wanted to allow the user to replace value multiple times ( if he/she given a wrong value) i came up with following solution,

                    replace="property name=&quot;my.propertyKey&quot; 
                    byline="true" file="${basedir}/test.xml">
                <regexp pattern="property name=&quot;my.property&quot; 

This searches property, using property key and replace entire line.

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