The following is meant to compare a Date of Birth and confirm the individual is 10 years old or greater. It appears to work, however I want some advice to improve or ensure my logic is correct for my date comparison within Selenium IDE. Do I need to use Date.parse() to turn these to milliseconds as per this advice or will these proper date formats be sufficient to compare them accurately?

<td>new Date(&quot;${DateOfBirthYear}&quot;,&quot;${DateOfBirthMonth}&quot;-1,&quot;${DateOfBirthDay}&quot;);</td>
<td>new Date();</td>
<td>(Date.prototype.addMonth = function(month) { var dat = new Date(this.valueOf()); dat.setMonth(dat.getMonth() + month); return dat; }); var dat = storedVars['today'];dat.addMonth(-120)</td>
<td>(storedVars['DateOfBirthEleven'] &lt; storedVars['DateOfBirthAsDate'] ) ? true : false</td>

Advice and suggestions welcome.

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The code looks fine. I wouldn't change it if it works - comparing milliseconds won't make any difference when you are comparing days.


I would do something like this:

var a = new Date('03/21/1980');
var b = new Date('03/21/1989');
var yearDiff = b.getYear() - a.getYear();
if( yearDiff >= 10) {
  console.log("over 10!");
else if (yearDiff >= 9) {
 //compare milliseconds for 1 year
 console.log("over 9!"); 

Just because a "year" is different with leaps, etc... but if their over 10 clearly you can skip semantics...

Sorry, didn't have time to put into seleniumese

  • var yearDiff = b.getYear() - a.getYear() ..that just checks the year.. what if they turn 10 during the year?
    – TimoSolo
    Jun 18, 2017 at 12:59
  • Isn't that what my "else" statement handles?
    – DMart
    Jun 19, 2017 at 13:18
  • var b = new Date('03/20/1990'); and var b = new Date('03/22/1990'); should give <10 and >=10 respectively. Yours give >=10 for both.
    – TimoSolo
    Jun 19, 2017 at 20:18

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