This is probably a really silly question, but I can't find it online anywhere and I've been looking for at least an hour.

I have a link <a href="MusicMe.html" id="instrumentsNav">Instruments</a> which I want to get the ID of it once clicked, as I need to pass some variable to the page I am opening to know that the instruments link was clicked. This is being called from productInformation.html

I have also tried doing <a href="#" onclick="instrumentsClick()" id="instrumentsNav">Instruments</a> and then in my JavaScript, window.open("MusicMe.html", "_self"); and then tried passing a variable that way, but still absolutely no luck. Any help as to how I would pass a variable back to the page when it opens would be brilliant.

Once it opens, I am using the variable to set the ID of an element so it only displays a certain set of the information, which is working on it's own, but when I go back to try and call it, it's always thinking it is showing them all as I cannot work out how to set the variable to define it. Unfortunately I need to use JavaScript not PHP.


  • did you try onclick="instrumentsClick(this.id)" Mar 31, 2015 at 8:37
  • Yes but then, in the function I used window.open and couldn't work out how to pass the ID when I was opening the html
    – Navvy
    Mar 31, 2015 at 8:38
  • you can pass it as a query string, check hiral's answer Mar 31, 2015 at 8:40

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I would just tell you some ways, hope you would be able to implement it:

  1. Use query params to pass the variable.

When you're navigating to another page, add query params to the url.

window.open("MusicMe.html?variable=value", "_self");

In your next page, check for queryParam by getting window.location.href and using regex to split the params after ? and get that data.

  1. Use localStorage/cookies

Before navigating to the next page, set a variable in your localStorage

window.open("MusicMe.html", "_self");

In your second page, in the window load event.

 $(function() {
      if(localStorage.getItem("variable")) {

       // set the ID here
       // after setting remember to remove it, if it's not required

  • Thank you so much, I got it now :) I'd tried the second earlier but it wasn't returning anything for some reason, but the first works brilliantly and I understand it now
    – Navvy
    Mar 31, 2015 at 8:58

You can use localStorage to keep the value, or use parameter like


to pass the value to new page.


You can always pass a GET variable in you re URL just like this myhost.com?var=value You can get the value of this variable by parsing the URL using Js see this

How can I get query string values in JavaScript?


You can simply pass # value into url, get it and then match it with 'rel' attribute given on specified element. Here I have done materialize collapsible open from link on another page.


var locationHash = window.location.hash;
var hashSplit = locationHash.split('#');
var currentTab = hashSplit[1];
$('.collapsible > li').each(function() {
   var allRels = $(this).attr('rel');
   if(currentTab == allRels){
  • By using this method, you can pass values from one page to another without using 'localstorage'.
    – ashwini
    May 2, 2017 at 12:30

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