I am having issue about calling artisan queue from php. I want to make the list of fail jobs in Beanstalkd queue and make a button to retry.

I want to call php artisan queue:retry{id}

So, I put this code in the route.php

Route::get('retry/{id}', function($id){
    Artisan::call("queue:retry $id");

And it return error

InvalidArgumentException' with message 'Command "queue:retry 12" is not defined.

Did you mean one of these? queue:retry queue:forget queue:failed-table queue:flush queue:failed queue:listen queue:subscribe queue:work'

Any one can help me? Thanks

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I just tried limonte's answer and though it was very close to what I needed, I noted that the RetryCommand.php expects the id value to be an array, so you need to have an embedded array like this:

Artisan::call('queue:retry', ['id' => [$id]]);

Artisan::call('queue:retry', ['id' => $id]);

Update: (thanks to the @BakerStreetSystems's answer below)

Artisan::call('queue:retry', ['id' => [$id]]);

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