I am looking for a custom control which could enable me to call message of following type.


Is there a control which function like a .NET desktop application messagebox?

I know, exactly similar may not be possible but main features I am looking for here is returning value of clicked button and custom value entered by user in code behind.

I have also started working on it myself, but hardly any luck so far.. any direction in this case will also be very useful.


There is a good tutorial which could help:

Create MessageBox user control using ASP.NET and CSS

And here combining it with the AjaxControlToolkit:

ASP.NET Popup Message Box User Control

I hope this helps!


Have you looked at the AJAX Toolkit? It doesn't do all the things you want, but it should be too hard to the extender and controls needed into a CustomControl and create your own DLL.

  • yes i did looked into that but really if it is not so hard to extend, then why I have not found single instance where it is done. I am sure this is not first time someone have faced this problem. Still I even if you could Guide in terms of extending the earlier controls that would be great. – user20031 Nov 16 '08 at 9:08

use the namespace "System.Windows.Forms" by adding the reference to the solution explorer

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