I set up a static website using Jekyll in window 7 when i push my code to github and add gh-pages branch it says 404 not found error index.html not found. while i already added index.html in my root. github repo: github Repo link


Github Page Link Github page Runjekyll


I more thing: I use Rouge gem for highlighter not Pygments..


You're using rouge and it's still not supported by github pages (see dependency versions). This cause a build failure. You may receive a mail from Github about that.

If you want Github to build your site, you have to use pygments instead.

The other solution is to build locally and to push the _site content to github. See my workflow description here

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  • ok i try to use paygments thanks for pointing this out. plz explain 2nd solution in details: i build locally and _site folder is generated in root folder from where localhost show me blog how to put content to github?? – Jazib Bashir Mar 31 '15 at 17:03

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