Is there any way to execute an application without waiting in batch file? I have tried the start command but it just creates a new command window.

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    Note — for those doing involved-ish things with Windows batch-scripts: if a process C is start-ed within a call-ed .bat-file B (which was in turn called from A), and C stays open after B finishes (say C is a service or something that just waits for things to happen and doesn't have a fixed endpoint until the OS shuts down), the parent A which contained the call may not be able to terminate as expected unless the process C closes, or is killed. Here's a simple example: codepad.org/KLglXDnZ May 8 '15 at 21:34

I'm making a guess here, but your start invocation probably looks like this:

start "\Foo\Bar\Path with spaces in it\program.exe"

This will open a new console window, using “\Foo\Bar\Path with spaces in it\program.exe” as its title.

If you use start with something that is (or needs to be) surrounded by quotes, you need to put empty quotes as the first argument:

start "" "\Foo\Bar\Path with spaces in it\program.exe"

This is because start interprets the first quoted argument it finds as the window title for a new console window.

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    Great tip with double quotes before the actual path. I would have never guessed this. Thank you for sharing. Oct 15 '12 at 9:45
  • thanks it helped. I also used /SEPARATE option as mentioned in ss64.com/nt/start.html
    – Ayusman
    May 9 '13 at 18:30
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    @Ayusman: Those options are just for 16-bit programs. I surely hope you don't have any of those still around.
    – Joey
    May 9 '13 at 18:59
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    Of course, it doesn't have to be empty quotes... you can give it an actual relevant title. I would heavily recommend this as it will make it much clearer to other people who see it what is going on. start "Obligatory Atavistic Window Title" "\Foo\Bar\Path with spaces in it\program.exe"
    – shiser
    Oct 12 '14 at 2:59
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    After hours of googling, I finally find the answer. Thanks!
    – Sellorio
    Oct 27 '14 at 3:11

I used start /b for this instead of just start and it ran without a window for each command, so there was no waiting.

  • Exactly what I was looking for! Jun 12 '20 at 12:50

If your exe takes arguments,

start MyApp.exe -arg1 -arg2

If start can't find what it's looking for, it does what you describe.

Since what you're doing should work, it's very likely you're leaving out some quotes (or putting extras in).

  • Yes, I did put two quotes. But they are required for long path name. How to resolve the issue? May 30 '10 at 6:05

This command starts ClamAV in a seperate console window with custom icon of clamd.exe

start "c:\clamav\clamd.exe" "c:\clamav\clamd.exe"

So the generic format would be like:

start "Your new title" "c:\path\your.exe"

I successfully used a combo of @joey's post, with added /B flag, as follows

START "" "Path\To\Application.exe" /B

Partial output from help command: HELP START...

  B  Start application without creating a new window. The
     application has ^C handling ignored. Unless the application
     enables ^C processing, ^Break is the only way to interrupt
     the application.

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