On my centos when I tried


It starts.

But when I run it as service it wont start. What is the problem?

service mongodb start



Take a look in the logs. Why do you think it dosen't started? Its a demon process, it runs in the background.

service mongod status

may help you.

  • status: Unknown job: /usr/local/apps/mongodb/bin/mongod – Rex Adrivan Apr 1 '15 at 5:08

Firstly, run service mongod status

It should return mongod is stopped.

Now look in your mongo folder. There is probably a mongod.lock file in there. The only times I've seen this file created is when the power cord gets yanked out.

Remove the mongod.lock file:sudo rm mongod.lock

Start the service:sudo service mongod start


Just try this command.

sudo rm mongod.lock


sudo service mongod restart

may help you.

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