Are there any good sites for learning C++/COM from the ground up? I'm looking for something like a crash course with perhaps two weeks' worth of content.

The course can assume knowledge in standard C/C++, or at least not a complete dummy.

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Since you're asking for websites, you can try this introduction to COM on The Code Project, and how to handle COM in plain C and in C++ on the same site. And of course, you have MSDN.

  • Thanks for the link, really exciting read! – Dmitry Sep 4 '16 at 15:32

In addition to the websites recommended by 'In silico' take a look at Step by Step COM Tutorial.

Finally Understanding COM After Changing a Light Bulb is not a 'crash course', but can be considered as 'the absolute minimum that a Windows programmer should know about COM'.


If you use Visual C++, then it can handle COM with virtually no COM-specific knowledge. You can jump into Direct3D programming with no COM knowledge, except "Call this funny function instead of operator new", and, "Roll a custom smart pointer class using this function".

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