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Here i have class called DB which is used to prepare a pdo statement and then perform select, insert etc on PDO object.Here i am trying to insert some data collected from an html form.But when i execute the code it gives me the error i mentioned in the question. Both getInstance() and insert() are public static function.Can anyone help me to solve this problem?

class DB{
        private static $_instance=null;
        private $pdo,
        private function __construct(){

                    $this->pdo=new PDO('mysql:host='.Config::get('mysql/host').';dbname='.Config::get('mysql/db'),Config::get('mysql/user'),Config::get('mysql/password'));

                }catch(PDOException  $e){
                    echo $e->getMessage();
        public static function getInstance(){
                  self::$_instance=new DB();
            return self::$_instance;

        private function bind($val){
               foreach($val as $data){



        public static function insert(){
            $stmt='INSERT INTO users (username,password,name) VALUES (?,?,?)';

                   return 'successfull';

and i invoked them like:


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You're using $this in a static function. This is why you got the error.

Remove the "static" in front of "insert()" and then call $insert->insert();

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