I want to disable a <form:input> with the attribute disabled, but it's not working.

<td class="value">
                <sec:authorize access="hasAnyRole('ROLE_EDIT_DEVICE_INSTALL_DATE')">
                    <form:input path="installDt"  maxlength="10" size="10"  cssClass="installDatePicker" /> 
                    <form:errors path="installDt" cssClass="errormsg" />
                <sec:authorize access="!hasAnyRole('ROLE_EDIT_DEVICE_INSTALL_DATE')">
                    <form:input path="installDt"  maxlength="10" size="10"  cssClass="installDatePicker" disabled="disabled" /> 
                    <form:errors path="installDt" cssClass="errormsg" />

Does anybody have any idea to solve it ?


To disable it, use disabled=true. It accepts true|false.

<form:input path="installDt"  maxlength="10" size="10"  cssClass="installDatePicker" disabled="true" />
  • The value at receiving end is null in this case – susan097 Jul 29 '18 at 4:15

When I try to do input disable with disabled="true" , the data is null at core code, but when I try it with readonly, it did this properly.

Try readonly="readonly"

  • 2
    Yes , when using with disabled="true", redirect to this page can't access values (eg:validation errors). In my case readonly="true" at<form:input> tag fixed my problem. Thanks for good point. – Cataclysm Mar 28 '17 at 10:02
  • It's readonly="true" – Ammar Akouri Jun 12 at 11:07

When I place disabled="disable" it won't work

When I place disabled="true" the value in the receiving end is null

When I place readonly="true" It works for me.


I remove the cssClass date picker and set the disabled boolean to true and it works

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