I'm saving an screenshot when the page is loaded. If I test it with production, it works OK (the page is rendered correctly). But, if I test with local development server, the page isn't rendered correctly when I check the screenshot. Some elements (HTML, images) are missing.

The problems is PhantomJS. If I use Firefox, it works OK. But I need 'headless', because it's a requirement.

I'm using Python 2.7.6 + Selenium 2.45.0 + PhantomJS 1.9.8 (OS X Yosemite 10.10).


import unittest
import time

from selenium import webdriver

class Test(unittest.TestCase):

    HEADLESS = 1

    def setUp(self):

        if self.HEADLESS:
             self.driver = webdriver.PhantomJS()
             self.driver.set_window_size(1400, 1200)
             self.driver = webdriver.Firefox()


        url = 'http'
        if self.DEVELOPMENT:
            url += '://development.localhost.lan:3000/login'
            url += 's://PRODUCTION_WEB.com/login'


    def tearDown(self):
        print 'tearDown'

    def test_import(self):
        print 'test_import'

if __name__ == '__main__':
    suite = unittest.TestLoader().loadTestsFromTestCase(Test)

Also, I've tested the following, with no results:

  • service_args=['--local-to-remote-url-access=true']
  • service_args=['--ignore-ssl-errors=true'] : (production is https)
  • set user_agent
  • enable/disable cookies
  • activate localToRemoteUrlAccessEnabled

Please, could anyone give me any advice? Thanks in advance!

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    Just FYI, if phantomjs is the reason for your headaches and it makes you violent, you can approach it with firefox or chrome with a virtual display, e.g. stackoverflow.com/questions/6183276/…. – alecxe Apr 1 '15 at 16:10
  • Thanks @alecxe! Finally, I couldn't find a workaround with PhantomJS, so I'm using xvfb. Reference > xvfb-run python tests.py – Xatpy Apr 6 '15 at 13:19

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