I try to add a button into my layout. The layout previously does not contain any errors. But after I drag and drop the button into the layout, it shows an error as the picture below.

Cannor Resolve symbol "@+id/checksensortextview"

Even I already define @+id/checksensortextview .

Here is the code before and after I add the button. (Even I remove the added button, the errors still there).

Before and After add button into textview

I add the button in activity_evaluate.xml, but it affect every .xml file except activity_login.xml

Is anybody face the problem like this before?
Thank you for any solutions and suggestions.

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    Just for future, its only for defining an id for the first time, you need to you @+id/. For referencing it later, you use just @id/yourId Apr 1, 2015 at 19:15
  • You still haven't clear when to reference an id by using @id and when to use @+id... Apr 2, 2015 at 8:34
  • I think he was : just imagine that '+' sign is necessary to create it.
    – OlivierH
    Apr 2, 2015 at 8:40

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Invalidate Caches and Restart cleared that error for me.


Build clean resolve that question for me.


I actually just had this problem. Did you just move your project? Because I did. And it turned out that I had some old paths in your config files (idea and gradle configs).

I fixed it by copying my project folder to a new location and re-imported the project.

Hope it helps :)


I had the same issue I don't know what exactly can be the cause of this problem!

I fixed it by opening the xml file and going to Build then Recompile your_xml_file.xml.


I just had the same problem. I tried to run my app, and it did, despite it was highlighted red. So looks like a bug - I relaunched android studio and everything was ok. Hope it helps


I did Build > Rebuild Project in Android Studio to fix the problem


It's possible that you are currently on the wrong variant of the app. Once you change your build variant the XML will load the changes


In my case, I was using multiple ComposeViews in the same layout and hence needed to add the ids for those views to the ids.xml file as explained here. Once I did that, the issue was resolved.

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