I'm trying to skip secure authentication in php.

$con= mysqli_init();
mysqli_options( $con, "READ_MYSQLI_DEFAULT_FILE", "/etc/my.cnf" );
mysqli_real_connect( $con, "localhost", ....password,etc... )

When i debug in phpstorm, on the first line, mysqli_init fails and says property access is not allowed yet..

  • How do you debug this? I suppose PhpStorm is showing access is not allowed yet.. message after static code inspection. Can you please show bigger piece of your code? Did you get any PHP errors? – Lukas Hajdu Apr 1 '15 at 22:57

after finding this answer on SO: mysqli + xdebug breakpoint after closing statment result in many warnings

it looks like its a bug in the mysqli driver, there was nothing wrong with the code or the connection however.

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