A payment provider is form posting values to a ServiceStack URL in our site.

The normal implementation pattern of our ServiceStack operations is to create a request DTO, give it some properties and specify a [Route("/blah/blah","POST")] attribute on the request DTO, create and Get or Post method in a Service specifying the request DTO as the only method argument.

This pattern works, but I discovered that the fields being posted to us vary, and so I now need to access the form posted values as a name-value collection.

How do I do that and what are the potential alternatives?

Just guessing, but my request DTO could inherit from some ServiceStack base class that exposes the name-value collection. Maybe use an interceptor to extract the name-values and inject them into my request DTO.

Looking for hard examples.

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The Service class, which your service handler inherits from provides access to the Request object in the base class. This allows you to access FormData which is a INameValueCollection essentially the name/values you are looking for.

So given your PaymentService which inherits from ServiceStack.Service. In your handler method (such as Post(PaymentRequest request)) you can access the name/value collection using base.Request.FormData["keyname"]:

public class PaymentService : Service
    public void Post(PaymentRequest request)
        // To access using the request DTO
        var amount = request.Amount;

        // To access the form values directly (from name/value collection)
        var tax = base.Request.FormData ["tax"];

        // To access the query string value of currency `?currency=USD`
        var currency = base.Request.QueryString ["currency"];

        // To access a value that may be form data, query string, cookie
        var item = base.Request.GetParam("item");

If the request sends query string parameters you can also access them similarly using base.Request.QueryString["keyname"].

If you want to find a value by keyname, but you don't know if the value is in the QueryString, FormData, Cookies or Items collection you can use the base.Request.GetParam("keyname"); method. Evaluated in the order given, left to right

See Access HTTP specific features in services documentation for further information.

I hope that helps.

  • Hey Scott. Thanks. The only other thing I had to handle was the value of FormData["blah"] was a string array not a string as I had expected. – IanT8 Apr 3 '15 at 0:01

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