I'm trying to get a WPF development environment set up at home, using Visual C# Express 2008. I installed both it and the MSDN documentation for it, however it looks like the documentation doesn't include any WPF documentation.

I was about to install the Windows Vista SDK, however it looks like that only includes the documentation for .NET 3.0, not 3.5 SP1. Where can I download the documentation for .NET 3.5SP1 and (ideally) have it integrated with the documentation that I already have?

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Slightly hidden on Microsoft's Express Editions site is the link to the complete MSDN library download. You want the second entry ("MSDN Library for Visual Studio 2008").

  • Ahh, that would do it. Apparently the web install link on the main download site doesn't install close to everything. Thank you very much. :) – Andy Nov 17 '08 at 22:57

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