I am creating SNS app and I am using Retrofit API.

So I want to get posts at server, using the @GET annotation in my interface. But continuously an error occurs.

I want to include parameters to authenticate the user, such as token, id etc. After authenticating, I want to have a callback value.

How do I have to write this interface?

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    Please also add your code (the minimal sample that can reproduce the error) and the exact error message you receive. – Tomalak Apr 2 '15 at 9:23

here is my blog : beecanvas.com/EFgUPic0

    void abcd(Callback<JsonObject> callback);

if you want to use url params

    void abcd(@Query("userid") long Id,
                      Callback<JsonObject> callback);

restRequestHelper.abcd(id , new Callback<JsonObject>() { 
@Override success, failure

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