I want to add a confirmation dialog before an approving review step in Alfresco's workflow, as shown in the picture for more precision


I've try to do it in a custom activiti-transitions.ftl,


but it doesn't work correctly. I tried to do that with 2 javascript alert like here :

    <#if form.mode == "edit" 
    && ((form.data['prop_bpm_status']?? 
    && form.data['prop_bpm_status'] != 'Completed') 
    || form.data['prop_bpm_status']?? == false)>

    <script type="text/javascript">//<![CDATA[
       new Alfresco.ActivitiTransitions("${fieldHtmlId}").setOptions(
          currentValue: "${field.control.params.options?js_string}",
          hiddenFieldName: "${field.name}"
    alert("test !!!!!"); 

    <div class="form-field suggested-actions" id="${fieldHtmlId}">
       <div id="${fieldHtmlId}-buttons">
    <script type="text/javascript">//<![CDATA[
    alert("div button ?  !!!!!"); 

these 2 alerts appear before the buttons(look at the picture) "Approuver" and "Rejeter" are generated in the page .

You have the images of these two alerts in this link :


Use confirm for ok and cancel prompt in your js -

   if (confirm('Approve?')) {
            //do something
        } else {
           //do something

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