In Powershell, how can I join 5 strings into one string.

 $s2='is' -string
 $s3='a'  -string
 $s4='good' -string
 $s5='thing' -string
 write-host"result is "$s6-->Thisisagoodthing 

You might use :


Write-Host "result is $s6"

  • For displaying purpose it is working but I want the entire result in a string variable..which is not working.Can you please check it once and revert to me. – chaitanya chaitanya Apr 3 '15 at 7:20
  • @Chaitanya chaitanya your are wrong $s6 is a string var. This is the good answer or I don't understand your question ? – JPBlanc Apr 3 '15 at 7:28

You can literally "join" your strings with the -join operator:

$s6 = $s1,$s2,$s3,$s4,$s5 -join ""

Or, without specifying a delimiter:

$s6 = -join @($s1,$s2,$s3,$s4,$s5)

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